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Franklin Karunakaran G

Encounter With Spirits

Spirit taking out the spirit form from the car

. It was a spirit of women. Two cars were parked in that area. The spirit of women has looked into both the cars nobody was inside. The spirit has started seeing the car one after another. Probably it has evaluated the cars.

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Spirit coming in disguise

My suspicion is true, the spirit is not my father but some other spirit dressed like my father entered into my house, only to damage something. Later in my life I realized that a spirit is having the capabilities of changing costumes to match with any person only to gain entry at desired place.

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Spirits producing desired sound

A sound I heard that somebody is trying to open the back door of my house by unlocking the iron latch. It is an usual sound we hear every time when we open the door. I put on the lights and saw nothing. Such things are common in places where human beings are living.

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Spirits showing as real portraits

By the time the portrait is laughing and moving towards me. Really worst situation as no time is given for me.The Lord replied through personalities in the sky that it is a spirit from Saturn that is why you could see in broad day light.

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