Encounter With Spirits

Encounter With Spirits

Blind spirits


There are good and bad spirits within us or roaming outside. As long as a spirit remain inside a body and if it is a good spirit it is well and harmless. Sometime it may be harmful and roaming outside. Harmful in the sense it will attack others. Add poison in a favorite drink to the inner person and make him drink during sleep. Though the individual may not die but may fall ill. One should always keep in mind that a person should never consume any of his favorite drink in sleep or dream, as it may be harmful. God will not keep quit on such situation.

The spirit doing such act will be made blind. The aim is that it should not be harmful to human beings. The eyes of such spirit will not have Pupil and Iris, but total dull white. It is not that it will stop doing harm but will continue to do so through audio signals. Spirits will first throw an object or create a noise equivalent to that so that we will go near to that spot. Picking that faint signal it will target and hit roughly. All spirits come under God. We can pray to God and use the name of Jesus Christ to drive away such harmful spirits from your place.