Encounter With Spirits

Encounter With Spirits

Dead Spirits follow foot steps


One day I received a call from my relative that an elderly man related to us has expired. Immediately I went there for the last rites. Everything was orderly and funeral ceremony was routed through the Church. We have proceeded to the cemetery and the burial was completed. I came back, took a bath and slept in my house. In the midnight, persons from the sky woke me up and asked me what you have done today. I have narrated the whole thing. They have further asked me what you have left in the cemetery. I replied nothing I left in the cemetery. Recollect something you have left there. I recollected and concluded within me that I left nothing but one thing has struck me that I left my foot prints there. Rightly I replied and they have agreed it is correct. Now why this question? They told me that a number of dead spirits are waiting there to see you, to plead for them to Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sin and for salvation as they know that Jesus Christ is coming frequently.

I told them forgiveness of sin and salvation is to be obtained while living on this Earth. As you have all repented and came in search of Jesus Christ certainly I will pray for you all for forgiveness of sin and salvation and I have prayed for them. I came to know that the prayers were heard and many, if not all got forgiveness of sin and salvation. How important is to get forgiveness of sin and salvation? We cannot reach the Kingdom of God or less equivalent place after our life on Earth without this. Jesus Christ died for us in the cross for our sins, what a loss it will be, if we fail to utilize this opportunity during our life time on Earth.

This will be the biggest loss on Earth than losing our wealth and other worldly things. A senior teacher was there in our school who always tell the boys to repent. He was having a big family and having innumerable problems with these how he could tell the students to repent. Repentance, forgiveness of sin, salvation and to be born again is the greatest achievement a person can attain in his life. In the Holy Bible we read that Jesus Christ has preached for the spirits in prison after he died on the cross and kept in the garden. A man or a women should utilize any opportunity to repent, to get forgiveness of sin, salvation and to be born again. When Jesus Christ comes again our body soul and spirit should be in pure form.