Encounter With Spirits

Encounter With Spirits

Dream a Cause of Spirits Influence


Dream and sleep are connected to one another. We can dream only when we are in deep sleep. Before we go to the subject we have to keep in mind that during awakening we see through our eyes and in sleep we see through our spirit, soul and other components of the body. Closing our eyes one cannot see and in sleep our eyes are in closed condition. Therefore, the pictures we see in dream will be different from what we see in our day to day life. Most of us do not disclose or discuss our dreams because it will down grade our image. Many will feel guilty after a dream. From today onwards one should not feel bad or guilty after a dream. Every dream is a puzzle which we can solve scientifically. Many times we dream which are unconnected to our life. Spirits like good, pure human beings. When a spirit happens to stand near to you, signals will come out from the spirit and will fall on the individual.

The individual’s body will pick up the signal and the output is the dream. Now, the individual will dream but this dream will be about the life and incidents of the spirit standing near and not about the individual. This dream cannot be explained, naturally, by the individual .This is a dream due to external influence. If two are three persons are sleeping together all the three will have the same dream. Secondly, we cannot stop the movement of spirits as it will pass through even concrete walls. It is God’s creation. The best thing to avoid spirit is to be without movement and silently pray to Jesus Christ in the heart to drive out the unwanted spirit. There are millions of spirits moving on the sky of different nature and power. Each will have a different effect when they stand near to us. Some spirits will induce sleep some will wake us up through night mares. Dreams also arise due to our anxiety. It is purely of our own ,but do not worry in the morning ,instead start the day with faith in God , full capacity of your brain the powerful tool given by God, and strength of your body.

Many of the dreams we remember and some we cannot. This is because of the fact that eye, brain and other senses are not involved much, instead eye of our spirit, other spirit or other components are involved and rarely taken to memory. Dreams are also of prophetic in nature. Such dreams are shown to man by God about the happenings in future either of the individual or others, about the nation and about any disaster and the precaution one has to take. God wants to speak to man and dream is one way of doing it. Every dream can be scientifically explained, no conclusion can be made hastily and acted upon, instead try to unlock the puzzle and get answers. In the Holy Bible we read about many instances of dream where God conveyed certain message to human beings.