Encounter With Spirits

Encounter With Spirits

Spirits attend Church


Contrary to the belief that only human beings attend church, the spirits too attend the Church. Two types of Churches are there one on the surface of the Earth for us, and the other in the sky .The spirits roaming in the sky needs to hear the word of God and repent to reach the Kingdom of God. One cannot avoid God while living in any form. Every atom in this universe belong to HIM. The order of service is almost equivalent to the present day Churches. All kinds of spirit who are doing the work of God will attend the Church. The Holy Bible being used is different from the one we are using in our Churches. Probably it is only Old Testament.

Spirits living on the Earth do attend the Church along with us. If a person could not attend the Church on a particular day due to pre occupation with other work and his heart long for attending the Church, in such case, the spirit inside him will come out and attend the Church. It will be a blessing for the entire human being. Spirits have responsibility on matters concerned with God. Spirits are living directly under God. Always we should try to keep body, soul and spirit in pure form.