Encounter With Spirits

Encounter With Spirits

Spirits consume blood


All personalities living on Earth and sky need energy .That energy is available in the form of blood in animals and human beings. Spirits who roam and overstay need energy. It will be in constant search of blood for its survival. It will draw blood from pure men and women in small quantity. Many a time we feel pain inside the leg.

It can be due to spirit drawing blood from our leg or leg bones. Certain big spirits on the Earth and sky can draw blood from human beings without touching. One day a very big spirit came and asked me where can I get blood? It happened to be near Zoo therefore I have directed that such large quantity of blood you may get at nearby Zoo.

Consuming blood for survival is a lawful activity in the universe as it is for survival. Man is a moving blood tank. It is impossible to stay away from spirits on this Earth. Thousands of spirits move in the sky, under the Earth, and on Earth. We have to live with them.