Encounter With Spirits

Encounter With Spirits

Spirits don’t have foot and tongue


The word spirit transpires a person with less weight, mass and more airy. Foot is given to persons who have certain mass to walk and make a living. Anything God give to us is for our survival. Not only human beings but personalities who frequently visit Earth also have foot. How spirits move is by sliding and spinning movements. Nevertheless, the spirits move faster than human beings. Secondly, spirits don’t restrict their stay on Earth but move far away from Earth where foot is not required. The presence of foot reflects that they are more attached to Earth. Spirits are not of origin from Earth. Spirits do have a world of themselves.

Secondly, whatever organs God has given to us through creation it is accountable to God. The organ is responsible for activity it undertakes on Earth and sky. Against the normal belief, the spirits don’t have tongue. The presence of tongue denotes that a person or animal is having surplus blood. This will be seen by all personalities on Earth and sky and whoever is in need of blood for their survival will come near. Though the spirit is not having tongue but will have sharp teeth in the mouth. The spirit has sharp nails; this is nothing but a protective tool.