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I was born at Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu in 1955.Myfather was working in State Government and my mother as a teacher in School.

The Lord guided us and we lived in a small town known as Cuddalore O.T. It is believed that the British came first to this port town and later moved on to Chennapattinam. One can see the impact of their stay even now. There is a street called Clive Street in this town.

I studied in St David’s High School and thereafter had my post-graduation from Annamalai University. During school days most of the time was spent in school compound playground, church, backwaters and market. Life was attached to the church with activity like choir, practicing of songs for Sunday service and related work. The Lord was with us all through the years of our stay at the town.

At the age of 23years I got a job and joined in Central Warehousing Corporation a Government of India Undertaking and by the grace of our Lord I retired as a class I officer in Feb 2015. I got married in the year 1987and my wife is now a Teacher in Government School, my daughter is a B.E graduate at Chennai. While working in the northern State of India in the year1985 I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and was leading a life in faith. Deliberately I avoided receiving the Holy Spirit as it will conflict my day to day life but in fact it will not. Later in my life I realized it. As I was growing, at the age of 50 I decided to receive the Holy Spirit.

Unexpectedly I was baptized by the Holy Spirit just in the Morning Prayer when I was alone in the room at Bangalore. There was no let off thereafter. Everything was fine and the testing period started. Next three years was the most difficult period in my life. My health was down and my finance hit a rock bottom. The Lord and the Holy Spirit helped me and my life was back in the track. In the beginning of the year 2014 one day on my knees the Lord talked to me and blessed. On one Sunday in morning service Jesus Christ came and blessed me abundantly. I do what the Lord says to me.Most of my life I lived like an ordinary person. I have also covered some topics on body, soul and spirit, in my website www.Bodyspiritandsouls.com

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Pastor Asirvatham

Pastor Asirvatham is my grandfather lived in the town of Nazareth during 1940s.He was doing the work of the Lord in and around Nazareth .He had two sons and five daughters. He was a puritan in the eyes of people. When he gets down in a railway station in a town, the evil spirits will cry that Pastor Asirvatham has landed in our town to drive me out. He died when he was 45 in life. The Lord guided the rest of the family members all through and all were married. He had two sons and five daughters. Now ,grandchildren, and great grandchildren innumerable in numbers, are living at different placeswith the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ.