Encounter With Spirits

Encounter With Spirits

Spirit taking out the spirit form from the car


One day I was standing at a place in a city. A spirit came there which I could not see but realize. I do not know from where it came. It was a spirit of women. Two cars were parked in that area. The spirit of women has looked into both the cars nobody was inside

The spirit has started seeing the car one after another. Probably it has evaluated the cars. The spirit fixed the eye on one car and slowly pulled out the spirit out of the car. It will not be visible to human eyes. Now the spirit of the car is outside the real car. The spirit sat inside the spirit car in the driver seat and started movingit,theroad was of one way.

I expected the car to move along with other vehicles but not so. It moved in the other way and naturally passed through the incoming vehicles. It is an astonishing event. A million questions came to my mind. First of all the spirit doesn’t have fear of anything or anybody. It feels and acted superior to human beings. Who has given this authority for them? Naturally by God. One should shed fear of spirits and find out the truth. First of all they are closer to God than us.

Man thinks that he is only superior on Earth; in fact he is also superior. Matter and spirit co-exist on this Earth and sky. Spirit of women is originally from the Kingdom of God. They are daughters of God. They are sent only to observe and report to God about us. To what extent we are giving importance to women is very much accounted.

Many times women may not behave in a reasonable and expected level of men. This is because of the superior spirit inside her and is not her fault, it is by creation. From now onwards we may attend a women keeping in mind that a God sent spirit is inside her and also to treat the spirit of women with respect.