Encounter With Spirits

Encounter With Spirits

Spirit Coming In Disguise


One day I was in my house doing normal hose hold work. In a moment I could see the spirit of my father sitting in a chair. It looked like my father sitting in his house normally. Suddenly I developed suspicion whether it is my father or some other spirit as chances of my father coming as spirit is remote.

We have faith that after death, they will go and sleep with forefathers.My suspicion is true, the spirit is not my father but some other spirit dressed like my father entered into my house, only to damage something. Later in my life I realized that a spirit is having the capabilities of changing costumes to match with any person only to gain entry at desired place. How to find out whether a spirit is true or false?.

One direct question we have put to the spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to tell your real name and show your true image. The face will change, mostly it will vanish. The Holy Bible says the name of Jesus Christ is supreme in the universe and unequal.One can use for anything. Later when we reach spiritual heights we could talk to spirits like we talk to human beings.In spirit world impersonisation through costumes is a major problem.